Erasmus+ KA229 2020 – SK01 – KA229 – 078261_4
Local Event – European Impact: Local History in European Context

Romania – 7-11 th November 2022.

The mobility in Romania, ROMANIAN HISTORY IN EUROPEAN CONTEXT,  was being held at Scoala Gimnaziala Nr.28, in Bucharest between 7-11 th November 2022.

The hosts organized an opening ceremony with traditional songs and dances.  After the ice breakers where the participants had the chance to get to know each other better, each partner country had prepared presentations on connections of their national history compared to Romanian history. During the walking tour of the city center participants learnt about the local history.

The second day of the mobility started with the tour of the school, followed by a discussion on the Romanian Education System. Teachers had the opportunity to share their personal opinions and input on the matter. The team of the Romanian students presented an interview with personalities connected with the Romania’s royal family and World War II.

After the activities organized at school, the group visited National Cotroceni Museum, located next to the Cotroceni Palace, the Official residence of the President of Romania. Its uniqueness is granted by the intertwinement of a memory site, with that of an art museum. Its halls and apartments have tremendous memorial power, the focus being shifted to the connection with the personalities that have lived in the palace through the many years.

The knowledge on the Romanian history was completed by the guided tour at the National History Museum and “

 The  Ceausescu Mansion” that has been for a quarter of a century the private residence of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu and of their children. The spatial qualities and balanced volumes of the Ceausescu Mansion are striking, as it luxurious and comfortable interior, the work of the architects.

During the visit of Peles Castle students learnt about the connection of Queen Maria of Romania to the British Royal family. More about the Romanian history and the wealthy families during the 19th century  were learnt at Cantacuzino Palace.

On the last day of mobility, mixed nationalities groups were formed to make posters with their feedback on the Romanian Mobility. As a result, students learnt about the history of Romania and found out how  the participating countries are «united» even in their diversity. A Project team meeting was organized in order to evaluate project activities so far and plan the future ones.

The closing ceremony included a feedback activity, awards and certificates for the participants. Everybody had the opportunity to «taste» Romanian culture through the traditional cuisine dishes prepared by students families.

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