Erasmus+ KA229 2020 – SK01 – KA229 – 078261_4
Local Event – European Impact: Local History in European Context


By the means of this project, we would like:

  • to promote and strengthen European values,
  • make our students understand the importance of freedoms the European Union preserves,
  • foster their civic engagement and improve the critical thinking as well as media literacy.
  • promote democratic principles in their lives, ergo societies where they live.
  • We would also like to create a collection of materials, proposed by teachers collaborating with students, on the topics that are not prominently covered in our national curricula and despite the fact, they deserve to be carried out properly.
  • Besides this, we also aim to develop students’ English speaking skills, as they will be immersed in the English languages through bilingual teaching and constant contact with partner students via internet and regular multilateral visits, using a variety of web tools such as e-Twinning, Google Docs or YouTube as well as social media Facebook or Instagram.