Erasmus+ KA229 2020 – SK01 – KA229 – 078261_4
Local Event – European Impact: Local History in European Context


From the very first day, the guests were able to enjoy a rich programme focused primarily on Finland-Russia relations, the Second World War and Finland’s gaining of independence. The students had the opportunity to meet the famous Italian photographer Alessio Franconi, whose work primarily depicts areas of the country ravaged by war. The students also visited a number of museums where they learned more about the difficult history of Finland as well as its culture.

Of the special interest was the Tamminiemi Museum, also known as the residence of the most famous and significant Finnish president, Urho Kale-va Kekkonen, who among other things greatly contributed to Finland’s excellent foreign relations after the Second World War. The historical programme culminated in a visit of the nearby Suomenlinna island which had been used as a maritime fortress in the past and was often significant in historical battles.

One of the important elements of this mobility was learning about the Finnish education system which is considered one of the best in the world.

During the visit we followed a quite interesting program. But, maybe the most extraordinary thing is that we were witnesses of political movements to stop Ukraine War: Boris Jonhson (UK Primer Minister)

Also we attended a conference from Pekka Haavisto Foreign Secretary at Oodi

Last but not least important a gallery with picture of this first mobility after COVID and Ukraine War.